Cooking Fundamentals

When people want to learn how to cook, following basic recipes from a cook book is not always the best way to go. They need to know the fundamentals first so they can understand the basics and therefore learn to experiment themselves. A very simple example to illustrate my point would be boiled potatoes. If you think simplistically, when boiling potatoes, the way they cook, is the water they are boiling in penetrates the outside of the potatoes working its way to the middle. As the water works its way through the layers, the potato cooks from the outside in. The potato will cook more the longer it boils, until eventually after boiling for long enough, it will be cooked all the way through. Therefore, with this very basic logic you can determine that if you boil the potatoes with plain water, all the potatoes are going to taste like is….yes you have got it, just water! So therefore, whatever you place in the water before boiling the potatoes will absorb into the inside of the potato making the potato taste like that particular added ingredient. When you start to decide what you want the potatoes to taste like and start to experiment with ingredients, is the time you actually start to cook and the moment in time that you are really creating and a simple boiled potato starts to be your own personal creation.