Learning how to be a Chef

When somebody wants or dreams to be a chef, they have to remember one simple rule and that is that if they are going to be a successful chef, they have to love to cook from the heart and not just because they want a regular pay check. Being a chef is a way of life, you have to dream about cooking when you are asleep, you have to think about food when you are conducting your daily life’s rituals that have nothing to do with the subject of cooking. You must live to eat and not eat to live. You must live, eat & breathe food, hotels, restaurants, magazines, cook books and listen to anyone who is willing to talk to you about food. You must never think that you know it all, you must stay humble and always believe that others know more than you. You must forget about celebrating with your friends, as they will be celebrating whilst you are working and they working whilst you celebrate. You must forget about the clock and stop watching it. If you can do all this and more, then you are ready to start to learn the art of cooking from the bottom….washing lettuce, peeling potatoes and onions whilst peeping over your chefs shoulders when they are not looking. This after you have been successful and passed your cooking exams. All your dreams are going to come true and your future truly is in your own hands. Happy Cooking!