Lee Kuan Yew

We have just had two wonderful days at our beloved hotel, The Eastern & Oriental with Singapore’s Minister Mentor Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. As you can imagine, not everyone who walks through our doors on a daily basis qualifies for being outstanding members of the international community, but this man does. Obviously having him in our hotel was an honour to say the least, but more importantly I have to say it was also a pleasure. The man oozes class and behaves impeccably as if he is a walking advertisement to how the human race should conduct them selves. Mr. Lee, (as he likes to be called), I take my hat off to you and declare on a personal note that I wish there were more leaders like you that carry themselves with such dignity. I think that as the world becomes a busier place and everything becomes a matter of time or bottom line, that we are forgetting the importance of standing still for a second, looking at people in the eyes whilst conversing and paying attention to them as if they were, at that moment in time, the only person in the world that you want to talk to. Only when we begin to do this can we hope to start to improve as a species.