An Angel In Waiting

The first time I walked through the back door of a hotel, I was 15 years old and I walked in with visions of romance, dreams and glamour…I still have those visions today as they have never changed. After finishing cooking school, I left England and set off to Canada starting my life’s adventures that would eventually hand me a gift that only God could create and only an endless collection of jigsaw puzzle like decisions would put me in the right moment, at the right time, for me to be in the right position, to be able to accept this beautiful gift. When I was in Canada I spent a night on a frozen lake, sitting there, looking down at hundreds of feet of dark water moving beneath me whilst watching the full moon turn the entire lake white and then the sun rise turning the same lake into a wonderful sea of orange and red. I went on to the Bahamas, walked on pink beaches and swam in a sea that was so clean and untouched that it could only be described as breath taking. I sat on tiny islands that had the feeling that they had never, ever been walked on before which made me feel like I was somehow special and that I had accomplished something that others could only dream of. I then went to Hong Kong and laid on a car bonnet, staring into the sky whilst a jumbo jet came roaring over the top of the building I was parked outside before it landed in the city airport, the noise was so deafening it appeared as if the engine was in my lap and it was so close that I felt that it was possible to actually reach out and touch it.

I drove with break neck speed round a mountain road in Penang, after being promised to savour the king of fruits only to find fresh Durians waiting for me at the end of the journey. I stood in awe and watched millions of gallons of water flow over Niagara falls, I saw poverty in the Philippines that would break you in to tears and visions in India that I will carry to my grave. I played pool with Dustin Hoffman, Drank with Duran Duran, talked to Stevie Wonder, Steven Segal, Donald Trump and Charles Bronson. I saw friends die young and the wife who I thought at that time I would be with forever, walk out on me for another man on my birthday.

I then moved on to Penang, a broken man, heartbroken, devoid of all hope and forcing myself to push through life’s motions every single day. Every morning I woke up wanting to turn over, go back to sleep and not even bother getting up at all. The simple task of pulling my legs over the side of the bed ready to stand up became a task of monumental effort. On one fateful lunch time whilst eating my Caesar salad on Penang island, I looked up to see whose attention I could catch for some parmesan cheese and then I saw her. For a brief second, I was squinting as I tried to focus through blinding sunlight streaming right into my eyes. It made a direct hit on my face while brilliantly shining from behind her. A passing cotton wool cloud blocked the direct sunlight, dulling the glare, and there, through a ray of beautiful golden sunshine, I saw a woman with a perfect smile that could only derive from her soul.

For no reason at all, it just made my eyes well up with treacherous tears. Beatrice and I have now been together for over 12 years, married for 10 and have two beautiful daughters. How I ended up there after all I have been through and after working in over 9 different countries is beyond me. All it would have taken was one single decision to go somewhere else at any time and the meeting of my soul mate would never have happened. I would like to promise to all of my friends, colleagues and readers that there is always hope, always love and that you should never stop dreaming. I would like to say from the bottom of my heart that the hotel industry and life in general really is beautiful! Never, ever, ever give up.

20 thoughts on “An Angel In Waiting”

    1. Hi Rachel,

      Thanks for dropping by.

      The best thing about writing this story, is that I did not have to make it up.

      When you are compelled to write about real lifes adventures, everything becomes simple.

      Please stick around as there will be more on the way.

      Warm regards,


    1. Hi Philip,

      Every single person on the planet needs to have love, hope and dreams for without this we shall all die heartbroken.

      Please don’t give up on your dreams brother or you will die heartbroken too and that would just not be right.

      Continue every day to chase happiness, love and your dreams as trust me, you deserve all of these and much more.

      Warm regards,


  1. Lovely story, Mr Michael. I enjoy reading most of your experience in life and how your travel through out the world. Please keep up with the wonderful stories.

    By the way, i am studying hospitality management… I really looking forward to work with you, just like my father did when you and him working in Penang Park Royal.

    I hope to join you in E & O hotel, in the future.After i graduated and also meet your family and two lovely daughters.

    By the way, i am going to start my industrial training soon in the month of November. I’m planing to go E & O hotel to do my 4 months of training.

    1. I just wish everyone would have them and then hold on to them as tight as humanly possible.

      When you give up your dreams its all over.

      See you soon buddy.

      warm regards,


  2. Dear Michael,
    What a wonderful account of how you met your wife. It brought tears to my eyes. I feel connected to your experience as there are a lot of similarities with my own. When someone has had such a big loss, to carry on following their hopes and dreams is what heals the experience of loss.
    It is an inspiring and heartwarming story and when I go back to Penang which someday I will (was going to be this year but finances permitting) I will think of you and Beatrice.
    I am so happy to have met you on twitter and look forward to hearing your other stories.
    p.s my husband will be interested to hear you Duran Duran drinking story. Have you written it yet?
    Warm Regards

    1. Dear Laura,

      Thanks for dropping by and for saying such wonderful things.
      If you ever pass by Penang, please come to my hotel so I can buy you both a nice lunch.
      I will invite Beatrice and if you are unlucky our two girls as well lol.
      I have documented many of my lifes travel stories in my book Chef’s Tales and the Duran Duran story is in there.
      Thanks for dropping by and please pass by again soon.
      Warm regards,

    1. Hi LSF,

      It is my pleasure to share this story and I am very glad that you enjoyed it.

      One of the single and complimentary pleasures in life is being able to make people feel good or better about themselves.

      If you can do this it makes you feel great, alive and privileged.

      Thanks for dropping by and I hope you visit us again.

      Warm regards,


  3. I believe in fairy tales…….and that they do come true, just as yours did! Great to hear that I’m not the only one!

    1. Hi Pummkin,

      Yes, dreams do come true for those patient people whom wait.

      Life is such that if you give up your hopes and dreams you can die and fade away.

      Thanks for the lovely commnets and look forward to your next visit.

      Warm regards,


  4. Thanks for telling your emitional story. It’s all true what you’re writing about hope, dreams etc. In our life there does not exist any coincidence, no blind chance. It’s kismet, fate. There always seems to be a reason for all strange things that happen . Sometimes we need more time to recognize why it happened in exactly this way. At the end it becomes clear. So, no need to give up hope. Keep on dreaming as life will often surprise you in the most unexpected moment.

    (Sorry for grammar errors, wrong tenses etc., I’m not a native speaker).
    Warm regards

    1. Dear Michele,

      Thanks for your lovely comments, thoughts and your contribution to this sensitive subject.

      Fate it may be, but in my experience hope it definitely is.

      Some people experience terrible loss, bad luck or even tragedy and when these occurances happen, hope is sometimes the only way out.

      Hope creates enthusiasm, it creates the feeling that things are going to get better, it even puts a spring in your step.

      Without hopes and dreams I truly believe our souls will die too.

      Thank you very much for dropping by and we hope to hear from you again soon.

      Warm regards,


  5. Good Afternoon Mike:
    You have touched my heart with this story…You are right, we should
    never stop dreaming.
    We have to try to be a better persons everyday. We have to live, Life is beautiful !Viva la Vida!
    Best Regards

    1. Hi Alba,

      I am glad the story touched your heart and hope it indeed made you smile too.

      Human beings must never stop dreaming as it warms your very heart and caresses your soul.

      Thanks for dropping by again and look forward to hearing from you soon.

      Warm regards,


    1. Hi Mei,

      If it brought tears to your eyes then that is good enough for me.

      I am glad that you enjoyed the story, I love the story and the fact that its my true story.

      My wife is a blessing to me.

      Yes Duran Duran were my favourite band at that time too, loved their music.

      Thanks for dropping by and I hope to hear from you again soon.

      Warm regards,


    1. Hi Pri,

      Thanks for your very kind words :o)

      To be honest its easy to write when it flows from the heart.

      Warm regards,


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