Beautiful cook books with beautiful pictures

I urge non trained chefs to go to their local bookshop today and purchase any cook book that is filled with fantastic food pictures. Take the first recipe and picture that catches your eye, follow the recipe and instructions to prepare the dish. Lay the dish on chosen crockery and compare the finished dish with that of the dish in the book and see if they look the same. If they do not look the same, this is because you do not have the basic cooking methods that the chefs have who prepared the dish in the book. However, all is not lost and it is never too late to start to get these basic cooking fundamentals to ensure that every dish you make will turn out just fine as if prepared by professional chefs. I try to keep Chef’s Tales as simple as possible to ensure everyone understands that basic fundamentals are whats needed to ensure you have the gift and skills to experiment on your own. Sometimes chefs even use terms and words that you do not understand and get lost in translation making the finished dish impossible to duplicate. I would hope that Chef’s Tales becomes like a classroom to arm you with the skills to follow any recipe given and to ensure that you are cooking wonderful meals for your loved ones you can be proud of at home. I will also start to compile a list of culinary terms used by trained chefs so that when these terms arise in cooking methods you understand what they are talking about which should help you follow the instructions more easily. Happy Cooking!