Chef's Tales Evolves

As in any venture, business or private, if you are to be successful, you must listen to your circle of friends, advisors, readers or customers and include their constructive criticisms to your growth formula. I started Chef’s Tales wanting it to be a very basic blog, thereby trying to teach readers the cooking fundamentals needed to ensure they could follow recipes presented to them without failing. I was not really planning on adding any food pictures and was trying to be a little different to other food blogs. However, many readers have requested me to add some delightful pictures to liven up the blog and to enable me to do this, I have entered a partnership with a very close chef friend of mine, Chef Kasdi. Chef Kasdi is a very well know chef here in Malaysia and we will start to post some of his pictures and recipes real soon. We will continue to enable our readers to be able to follow recipes by explaining how, what and why. We hope that readers can get the best of both worlds, lovely recipes from Chef Kasdi along with a Myself, an Ex Executive Chef on hand to answer any questions put to him. I will also continue to write my Musings about every day life in the hospitality Industry, hopefully to give Chef’s Tales as much variety as possibly. Happy Cooking!