Kaffir Lime Banana Fritters

Kaffir Lime Banana Fritters


  • 10 nos Small bananas
  • Batter for frying:
  • 500 g Rice flour
  • 100 g Flour, (soft which used to make cakes)
  • 1 tsp Lime water also known “air kapur”
  • ½ pc lime, juiced
  • 4 pcs Kaffir lime leaves, cut into strips
  • 800 ml Water
  • Fine sea salt to taste
  • Low Cholesterol oil for frying



Cut the bananas lengthwise just before they are ready to be fried and after the batter is ready to ensure that they do not turn brown.


  1. Sieve the flour and salt together making a small hole in the centre.
  2. Then slowly pour the water and lime water into the hole.
  3. Slowly mix the ingredients together bit by bit from the centre outwards until it’s smooth, season to taste.
  4. Add the squeezed lime juice and the strips of lime leaves.
  5. Let the batter rest for 15 minutes in a fridge.
  6. Preheat oil to 190°C/375°F, coat the bananas with the batter, then deep fry them for 45 seconds or until they turn golden brown in color.


This is a very simple recipe for banana fritters that can be enjoyed by everyone and can be easily made. However, care should be taken when deep frying the bananas as the oil will get hot during the cooking process. You must ensure that there is no liquid in close proximity to the hot oil as we all know that the two do not mix well and there is a possibility that the chef will burn themselves if care is not taken. The bananas will cook very easily if they are nice and ripe, the emphasis should only be on making sure that the batter is cooked through, crispy and golden brown. The lime water and the lime juice will ensure that when you bite into the fritters they are nice and crispy, if the oil they are being cooked in is fresh, clean and hot. Remember that if you use old oil which has been used for cooking other items, the oil will have adopted some of the taste from the past ingredients and may spoil the taste of the fritters. There is nothing worse that the fritters tasting like fish which had been fried in the same oil the day before. The same process can be used to make fritters with other items such as Yams and sweet potatoes. Chef Kasdi has garnished his lovely fritters with deep-fried crispy fresh lime leaves and served them with a couple of dollops of soft vanilla ice cream. Honey, maple syrup, caramel sauce or any other fruit sauces can be served on the side as an accompaniment.

Happy Cooking!