Chef Kasdi’s Sweet Potato and Prawn Spaghetti

Chef Kasdi’s Sweet Potato and Prawn Spaghetti


  • 1 packet of Spaghetti


  • 800 g Whole prawns
  • 2 liter Chicken or beef stock
  • 300 g Yellow/orange Japanese sweet potatoes, peeled and cut in to chunks
  • 3 tbsp Dried shrimps, soaked in warm water then ground
  • 5 tbsp Chili powder
  • 5 tbsp Tomato puree
  • 150 g Shallots, peeled and ground
  • 5 cloves Garlic, peeled and ground
  • 5 tbsp Thai Fish Sauce
  • 1 packet/100gm Fish Balls
  • 1 pc/80gm Fish cake
  • 3 pcs Sponge Bean curd, cut to small size


  • Hard Boiled Egg
  • Julienne Red Chili
  • Green Onion
  • Chili Oil – optional
  • Lime – optional


  1. Boil the spaghetti to al dante in salted water, then drain, rinse it in cold water to stop carry over cooking.
  2. To make the sauce: Clean the prawns, then blanch them in hot chicken/beef stock for about 10 minutes, then drain. Keep the stock and set aside. Peel the prawns, keep the shells, put the shells back in to the stock, simmer them for another 10 minutes. Then strain, let the stock cool and discard the shells.
  3. Peel and wash the sweet potato, boil them until cooked and then puree them until they become a smooth paste.
  4. Pre heat a pot with oil, sauté the ground shallots and garlic till fragrant and then add the ground dried shrimps.
  5. Once the paste is slightly brown add the tomato puree and dried chili powder, if you like your stock more spicy you can add a little more chili powder. Sauté until fragrant and the tomato puree changes color, pour over the stock and sweet potato puree, let it boil, then add in the fish balls, fish cake and sponge bean curd. Then add in the Thai Fish sauce and adjust the seasoning to taste.


Place the cooked spaghetti in a bowl, pour over the sauce, then arrange the peeled prawns and hard boiled egg. Sprinkle with red chili and green onions. If you choose to you can add some squeezed lime juice and drizzle some chili oil over the top for some extra kick.

Happy Cooking!