Royal Plaza on Scotts Redefines Work and Lifestyle in the Upcoming Suites

Singapore, 4 August 2009—Royal Plaza on Scotts redefines work and lifestyle in the series of upcoming new suites. The move is just one of the many initiatives the hotel has taken to set itself apart from the competition. The new suites, Executive Suites, Corporate Suites and the Presidential Suite depict the best of both worlds where the senses are immersed in a delightful unique experience. The versatile suites transform impeccably from a contemporary residence into a sophisticated meeting room in a snap. The suites are fitted with complimentary wi-fi and a host of other features which will appeal to corporate travelers.

The seamless components in the Executive Suites allow the corporate traveler to discover the new experience of the business life, in supreme comfort. A reception table is strategically placed at the entrance foyer, providing an appropriate workspace for personal assistants. Guests can enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee from the Nespresso Essenza coffee machine. Chill out to snazzy tunes with the iPod docking station and enjoy the crystal clear acoustics from the Bose speaker. Dress up for the evening in the walk-in wardrobe, with its very own personal dresser table. Relish in the simplicity of the crisp clean lines of the sleek Italian furniture surrounded by accent citrus tones. The Dream Bed by Simmons is the perfect sanctuary to prepare the road warrior for another day.

Work and lifestyle come together in perfect unison in the Corporate Suites. The soothing sounds are changed into inspiring pieces with the iPod docking station and the space is immediately transformed into a conducive environment, fit for business discussions. Meetings are conducted comfortably at the 10-persons discussion table with the convenience of the built-in projection screen and state-of-the-art Bose speaker. Participants are invited to indulge in delights from the complimentary maxi-bar which comes with a thoughtful selection of beverages. For a dash of caffeine, pop the coffee capsules of varying roasts into the personal Nespresso Le Cube which is set up at the coffee break buffet area. Engage guests with the in-room Wii station which provides the players with a unique social gaming experience.

The beige porcelain and full-bodied texture tiles add a note of grandeur to the ambience. Exquisite Cantilever shelves, with accent mirror walls, amplify the space of the Corporate Suite. Finally, have a quiet moment in the bathtub or take a tranquilising rain shower with Chopard body products. Retire for the day by cuddling up to the warmth of the 320-thread count duvet and drift into a gentle slumber.

The Presidential Suite reflects the changing times and the discerning tastes of the elite clientele of Royal Plaza on Scotts. The modern contemporary theme is a combination of effective space planning, luxurious material finishes, well-appointed furniture, efficient lighting and decorative final touches.

Built-in woodwork and timber finish generate a warm and inviting feel. The furniture is largely modular characterised by clean lines and an earthy colour palette of browns and beiges. Fine finishes and upholstery create a sense of luxury. This is particularly evident in the bedroom where a magnificent floor-to-ceiling upholstered headboard lends presence and an ambience of cosy comfort.

Royal Plaza on Scotts