Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsey

Gordon Ramsey 2

Gordon recently visited the Eastern & Oriental Hotel and I have to tell you, I prepared myself for the barrage of insults that I perceived would be very soon forth coming. On his arrival he was very tired as he had just landed from a very long journey, but he still found the time to smile and shake my hand as if he really meant it. I offered to carry one of his 2 bags which he refused until I insisted, thereby almost taking it from his hand by force.

He is very down to earth, a simple person who just wants to be treated like everyone else and loves to be low key and private.

During his stay this man has managed to dispel all negative thoughts I may have had previously after watching his television persona, to be quite honest and to put it simply, he is a complete gentleman.

He constantly praised our hotel & my colleagues and on his departure told me that he would have loved to stay far longer if he were able.

As he stood by the door, I asked him “Would it be out of line Gordon if I requested us to take a photo together” , he looked at me confused and replied, “Of course not, don’t be silly, I would have been disappointed if you had not asked.”

Mr. Gordon Ramsay, I take my hat of to you, having you in our hotel was a complete pleasure and I wish everyone could only see what I saw, this wonderful person that you are.