Presentation of Chef’s Tales Book to Kitchen Trainees

29 trainees from Institute Technology Perak received a copy of the Chef’s Tales Book in recognition for their hard work and commitment while completing their training in the Kitchen Department at the E&O Hotel recently. 

Mr Michael Saxon was indeed proud to share his book with the hope that these young and upcoming chefs can benefit from it.

When I wrote Chef’s Tales, I hoped that by sharing my autobiography of the last 30 years in the hotel industry I could help young students considering a career in the hospitality business better prepare themselves before entry.

Chef’s Tales explains the real deal when it comes to the hospitality business, through real life and personal experiences it explains clearly the life style they are about to encounter.

It helps them prepare for the culture shock that will hit them like a ton of bricks the second they walk through the back door of the hotel.

It gives cross border experiences based on culture, religion, different foods, it even touches on how to behave and what to do & what not to do’s.

Chef’s Tales is not going to win a Nobel Peace Prize for literature, but if young people want to learn a thing or two about life, the hospitality industry in general or would just like to have a good read and a laugh then this is the book for them.

I donate many copies of the personally owned paperback version to students that have not started work yet and whom are short on funds, with the hope that my life’s experiences can help them in a positive manner.

Sharing is caring and I hope to continue to give away the paperbacks to needy youngsters.

Please help me wherever you can by purchasing the hardback from so that I can carry on with this much needed service.