Chefs on Fire in Gastro-laboratory at Carousel


Singapore, 31 May 2010 – The award-winning chefs behind Carousel, Singapore’s Best Buffet Restaurant, lead the way in launching a theatrical Avant-garde section, an intriguing addition to its seven exciting satellite open kitchens. This innovative move showcases the latest form of culinary art inspired by Ferran Adria, the world’s most influential chef.

The well-lit “live” studio laboratory is impossible to miss when one steps into the restaurant. Nifty culinary gadgets come to life in the hands of five chefs, helmed by Executive Culinary Chef, Abraham Tan, who are behind the creation and execution of another ingenious repertoire at Carousel.

The elaborate cooking methods incorporate scientific techniques to create exquisite gastronomic fare that pushes the limits of culinary art. A new sensory language of food unravels by creating extraordinary flavors and textures. The techniques involve restructuring the DNA of food to achieve characteristics that were once impossible to attain, yet retaining the original taste of the dish.

Sous-vide, a slow cooking process conducted at a consistent low temperature to retain protein, infuse flavors and obtain an exceptional tenderness of the product. Spherification, a phenomenal process turns liquid into caviar or ravioli, by forming an instant membrane. These are just some of the intricate cooking methods which guests can look forward to.

The bigger mean machines and smaller sophisticated apparatus are kept in the chefs’ private gastro-laboratory where research, experiments, and explosions of flavors take place.

Culinary Executive Chef, Abraham Tan, links the new form of cuisine back to the roots of gastronomic art. “We must first get the fundamentals right to be able to embark on this part of the journey. Despite changing the food presentation visually, food preparation involves skilled selection, handling and scientific processing of ingredients.”

Avant-garde cuisine may not be familiar to many. The introduction of this new culinary art at Carousel makes it more accessible, as the dining team shares on the insights upclose at the buffet counter.

General Manager, Patrick Fiat, said, “This is a continued journey from the success of Carousel by far, as we advance with the trends and evolvement of culinary art. Guests are invited to enjoy, discover, and grow with us as they are exposed to a distinct top-notch cuisine that was once thought to be expensive and exclusive to fine dining restaurants.”

Carousel has maintained its cutting edge in the dining scene with the philosophy of sharing the passion with serious food lovers. Once again, it raises the bar in Singapore and elevates taste to another level. Endless possibilities as far as the imagination takes!