Boiling Prawns

When boiling prawns, one must always ensure that they do not overcook as in doing so they will become dry and spongy. The raw prawns should be plunged into an already boiling pot of salted water, when the water re-boils they are cooked and should be taken off the heat immediately. After taking them out of boiling water, they should be plunged into another pot of ice cold water to ensure that the cooking process is instantly stopped. There should be a generous ratio of water to the prawns so that they re-boil very quickly, as if there are too many prawns in the water, they will take too long to bring back to the boil and will overcook in the process. The salted water will ensure that the prawns still have the natural sea salt taste and they will remain moist, very pleasant to eat and easy to peel if they still have the shell on.