Wild Salmon Spring Rolls with Thai Sauce

Wild salmon spring rolls with Thai sauce

Salmon Spring Rolls

  • 100gm Salmon fillet
  • 40gm White cabbage
  • 2pcs Spring roll skins
  • 20gm Japanese pickles ginger
  • 2ltr Cooking oil
  • 2gm Salt
  • 2gm Black pepper
  • 1no’s Egg
  • 10gm Flour


  1. Cut salmon fillet lengthwise, season with salt and pepper.
  2. Bring a pot of water up to boiling point and blanch the cabbage until its soft, then take it out before plunging into ice cold water to stop the cooking process.
  3. Dry it, then take a roll pin and roll the cabbage ensuring that all the hard parts are soft by rolling the pin.
  4. Take 1 spring roll skin and put cabbage in the centre, then place the salmon on top adding a little bit of pickled ginger as well.
  5. Roll it and put a little bit off egg wash at the tip so you can stick and hold the skin together at both ends.
  6. Take the flour and mix it with a little bit off water.
  7. Toss the spring rolls in a little of mixed flour then deep fry them in a hot oil until they are golden brown.
  8. Do not overcook to ensure the salmon is partly cooked and stays moist.
  9. Serve with homemade Thai Sauce.

Homemade Thai Sauce:

  • 150gm Garlic
  • 150gm Red Chili
  • 50gm Ginger Bud Flower
  • 50gm Coriander Leave
  • 100gm Bird Eye Chili
  • 150gm Lemongrass
  • 300ml Plum Sauce
  • 50gm Sugar



  1. Chop all the ingredients until fine.
  2. Mix them all with plum sauce and sugar, stir until all the sugar is dissolved.
  3. If it’s too thick add some hot water to the mixture.
  4. It is better if it is refrigerated for 3-4 hours.


Kanpei Executive Chef Bob has made another very simple and lovely dish we can all make at home. It is very important to ensure that the salmon does not overcook as the dish will be spoiled if the salmon becomes dry. Chef Bob has garnished his spring rolls with some thinly sliced crispy ginger, fresh coriander and freshly ground black pepper.

Happy Cooking!