Purchasing a fridge

When purchasing a fridge, most of the models have good points and bad points and whilst looking for the perfect fridge for your home or business may be fun (although somewhat confusing), there is one point that I would like to raise and one of which may be of value and help.

One must always try not to buy a model with a built in ice machine for simple reasons that may not appear at first to be obvious.

Fridges with built in ice machine need a sensor inside the freezer box or container that tells you when the container is full.

If the chosen fridge does not have this feature and the fridge does not know that the ice container is full, it will continue to produce ice.

When the ice is not able to drop out of the production section of the freezer and in to the storage container the whole system gets backed up, the ice gets frozen in one large lump and blocks the whole system.

The much needed built in sensor tells the machine that the container is full and automatically turns off the production of cubes until the level of ice subsides and again automatically restarting the process on its own.

One must check the senor weekly to ensure servicing is not required.