John Barnes

My family posing with John Mr John Barnes Mr John Barnes 2

When John Barnes walked in to the Eastern & Oriental Hotel lobby he looked at me and this was the conversation:

“Mr. Barnes, welcome to the E&O Hotel, I am Michael Saxon the General Manager”.

“Where are you from Michael?”

“I am from Harrogate in Yorkshire.”

“I guess you support Man U then?”

“Actually I am a Leeds supporter.”

“Oh dear that’s even worse than I thought.”

It was as if I had known him for 30 years, he is a wonderful, friendly, funny and genuine chap and it is a pleasure to have him in our hotel….even though he is a Liverpool FC fella!

P.S. Yes I know, I have to trim down my tummy, I am going to work hard to get rid of it when our new hotel, “The Lone Pine” opens soon. It’s actually the loose fitting shirt that makes it look worse than what it is Smile

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  1. I agree with Michael Saxon; I too was staying at the E&O when John Barnes was here (and still staying here for another few days), and I also found him to be a very friendly, witty and tolerant man, considering the amount of people who kept coming up to him during his stay here.

    The E&O is in a lovely situation, both for access to the sea and its wonderful breezes and for its proximity to the delights of Georgetown. A relation of the venerable Raffles Hotel in Singapore, the E&O has recently undergone extensive renovation and now enjoys a 5 star hotel status !

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