Famous Kota Kinabalu Seafood Restaurant





I have been to many seafood restaurants in Asia over the years as they are a dime a dozen but this one has something very different and quite unbelievable. If you look very carefully at the bottom and last picture you will see that the large mantis prawns are inside large and clear plastic bottles. The bottles have not been tampered with and they have very small holes in the bottom so that when they take out the bottles at night to store them in the fridge the water runs away easily.

I stared at the bottles trying to work out how they managed to get the prawns inside the bottle, kind of like the model ship deal.

After a few minutes of scratching my head I asked the manager how they did it. He looked at me as if confused, “We don’t squeeze them in these bottles you know, after growing to their full size they are placed inside and the bottles sealed afterwards.”

I was rather irritated with the thought of them spending the last few weeks of their lives squeezed inside this small bottle and then asked him, “Why on earth would you do that, they can’t possibly taste any different during this storage process?”

The guy turns around and coolly says to me, “It stops them from fighting inside the tank.”

Go figure…..I did not order them.