Chef’s Tales

Chef's Tales

Chef’s Tales follows in the best tradition of Bill Bryson, Frances Mayes, Peter Mayle, Michael Palin and other entertaining writers of life and travels.

Leaving behind roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, the grey skies of northern England and his beloved Leeds United football team, a skinny young Yorkshire lad, named Michael Saxon, acquired his vocational skills in cooking and went on to become an international-rated executive chef in the five-star hotel industry. In the process he virtually travelled the world-from Europe to North America and the Caribbean, from Hong Kong to China and Indonesia and other destinations beyond-mastering his culinary skills and at the same time engaging life’s colorful characters and surviving an endless stream of adventures. Follow Michael Saxon as he crosses both national and cultural borders in his pursuit if his lifelong vocation.

“A series of mostly funny kitchen and travel stories…a good laugh-often at the expense of the author himself.”    FHM Magazine.

“A delightful and thought provoking memoir…humorous, heart warming and action packed…”        Harrogate Advertiser

“A surprising talent..rare as in a fine beefsteak, certainly not medium rare or overdone.”      Travel & Dine Asia

“A skilled and perceptive observer of others..beautiful characterizations..humorous, self-effacing and entertaining.”        The Jakarta Post

“He tells it all in his own inimitable way that makes reading quite effortless. You don’t have to be kitchen trained to enjoy this book.”       New Sunday Times.

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